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                    財務人員外包 招聘外包、人員外包、前臺外包、行政人事外包、海外勞務派遣




                    Product Specialist

                    Our client, a world’s leading financial and legal information service company, is recruiting Product Specialists. This position is based in Shanghai and responsible for delivery by and management of a small technical team of engineers.

                    Responsible for the sale and expertise of a specific Risk product is: 1) Drives product sales through new client acquisition and upsell within existing customers, contributes to strategic account plans of regional sales teams, and provides interlock between product teams and sales teams to enhance value proposition; 2) Creates client meeting content and delivers product-specific details during client interactions. Key Accountabilities: 1) Meet territory revenue goals for product supported; 2) Meet strategic product goals (e.g., sales to flagship accounts, increased vertical penetration); 3) Strengthened interlock between sales and product development/management teams; 3) Increased adoption of product in the field sales team. Key Responsibilities: 1) Strategic Planning: Develop and execute against strategic product sales plans; 2) Product Sales: Identify and develop sale opportunities with regional sales team; 3) Drive product sales and growth through field sales organization; 4) Product Expertise: Drive product programs and develop regional sellers’ product knowledge. 5) Build the expertise required for sellers to compete within the marketplace; 6) Cross-Team Coordination: Serve as a critical team member of Risk sales – working with multiple sellers, CDMs, customers, and marketing/product teams; 7) Coaching and Training: Provide support and coaching for regional sellers and their 1st line managers; 8) Forecasting and Reporting: Provide timely and accurate sales forecasts and reports to inform strategic decision-making Key Points of Interaction Regional Sales Teams to strategically plan and conduct client sales calls; 9) Design and Market Development Teams to ensure relevant GTM strategies and products are implemented/built for the region; 10) Global Sales Operations Team to ensure timely and accurate forecasting and reporting, and support of enablement initiatives.

                    Required Skills and Competencies Sales Support Background: 1) 3-5 years in a sales or client service organization Industry; 2) Knowledge: 3-5 years experience working in a team selling environment; 3) Deep understanding of Risk needs, in the areas of compliance and operational risk by understanding clients’ compliance practice and operational risk management process, is strongly desired; 4) Independent Worker: Ability to deliver results while working in a highly independent and fast-paced team environment; 5) Business Acumen: Highly proficient at uncovering key business issues and providing insightful, actionable recommendations for improvement; 6) Communication: Advanced verbal and written communication skills.




                    行政人事外包 財務人員外包 招聘外包 人員外包 人力資源代理 海外勞務派遣